Mexican Boxer Sent To Hospital After Fight With Quebecer Succumbs To Injuries


Mexican Boxer Jeanette Zacarias Zapata has succumbed to injuries she sustained following a boxing fight against Quebec counterpart on the 28th of August. The injuries caused her to be hospitalized.

Zacarias was 18 years at the time of her death.

Yvon Michel, president of Groupe Yvon Michel and organizers of the fight, announced the boxer’s passing on twitter.

She was rushed to the emergency room after a knock-out by Quebecer Marie-Pier Houle. She was sent to the ICU and placed into a coma to help her body and brain heal.

Based on the Michel’s statement, Zapata passed away a few days ago. Jovanni Martinez, husband was by her bedside at the time of her death.

Marie-Pier Houle is reportedly devasted. She has not made any statement yet.

In the few minutes leading up to the knock-out, the attending referee did not attempt to interfere.


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