Mets Designate Temperamental Pitcher Jorge López Following Game Outburst


In an unfortunate and highly unexpected turn of events, Jorge López, the noted relief pitcher for the beleaguered New York Mets, is being let go. The abrupt decision comes in the wake of López’s tempestuous outburst at the Citi Field, which ended with him hurling his glove into the stands after his forceful ejection on Wednesday.

The Mets’ manager, Carlos Mendoza, deemed the provocative act as ‘unacceptable’ and assured team members and fans that the matter would be addressed internally. Far from regretting his rash display of emotions, López remained unapologetic. In an anarchic postgame interview replete with expletives, he unflinchingly stated his nonchalance, claiming his actions could have made him “the worst teammate probably in the whole MLB.”

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Though López insisted that he had not held any discussions regarding his erratic behavior with Mendoza or David Stearns, the president of baseball operations, sources close to the team contested this claim. In fact, they went on to affirm that López was being slated for assignment, all under the veil of anonymity due to the sensitive nature of the issue.

The drama took center stage during New York’s disappointing 10-3 loss to the Los Angeles Dodgers. Amidst the disheartening defeat, López surrendered a two-run homer to the Dodgers’ star player, Shohei Ohtani. Not long after this blow, López faced his ejection having shouted at third base umpire Ramon De Jesus over an appeal ruling on Freddie Freeman’s checked swing. “It’s just emotions. The game, it just takes you there,” justified López.

Despite the mounting tension, the episode was not over. Clad in his untucked jersey, López pointed and yelled at De Jesus, dropped the ball, and sauntered off, casting his glove over the protective netting into the stands and leaving his cap abandoned in the dirt. “I’m the way I am,” he stated defiantly, “I’m not afraid to be me.”

López’s behavior, however, seems to have left a heavy pall of gloom amongst his teammates. Francisco Lindor, Mets’ shortstop, who called a players-only meeting following the fifteenth loss in nineteen games was succinct, “If our manager says it’s unacceptable, it’s unacceptable. I hope tomorrow, (López) feels completely different.”

As the dust settled, the Mets began their process of designating López for assignment. The team now has a week to waive, trade, or release López, or in the absence of these options, send him outright to the minor leagues.

Despite the chaos surrounding his dismissal, the accomplishments of López’s career are undeniable. In his nascent season with the Mets, 31-year-old López carried a personal record of 1-2 with a 3.76 ERA and two saves in 28 appearances, standing amongst the majority in the majors. In December, he inked a $2 million one-year contract with New York.

Before donning the Mets’ jersey, López pitched for Minnesota, Miami, and Baltimore – all playoff teams. His move to the bullpen in 2022 brought him significant success as a dominant closer and his performance earned him an All-Star selection. The Orioles traded him to the Twins where he wrapped the season with a solid 4-7 record, a 2.54 ERA, and 23 saves in 67 appearances.