Metropolitan Police Officer Faces Murder Charges After Fatal Shooting of Unarmed Man


In the aftermath of the tragic shooting of unarmed 24-year-old Chris Kaba last year, an officer from the Metropolitan Police faces murder charges. The atrocity resulted in numerous officers in London handing in their weapons due to mounting concern about possible murder charges.

Kaba, described as a blossoming father, was killed by a bullet fired by a Met Police officer into his vehicle in Streatham Hill on September 5, 2022. His untimely death sparked a wave of protests, particularly within London’s black communities.

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Home Secretary Suella Braverman has spoken out amidst the escalating situation, asserting that armed police should not worry about legal repercussions when fulfilling their duties. Braverman has pledged her full confidence and support, emphasizing the criticality of their role in maintaining public safety and acknowledging the high-pressure, instantaneous decisions they often have to make.

Concerns have not been quelled by reassurances, however. Over the weekend, it was suggested that an upwards of 100 officers have surrendered their permits to carry firearms. Former armed response officer Harry Tangye expressed the sentiment succinctly during a Radio 4 interview, simply stating “It’s not worth it.”

The Met stated that while their force still constitutes the main bulk of armed police in London, assistance from neighbouring forces’ firearms officers is being utilized. They addressed officers’ concerns over the Crown Prosecution Service’s decision to charge one of their own, recognizing this as a potential game changer in how critical decisions made during challenging situations are judged.

The public opinion on this matter shows a growing divide. While some support the strategies on both sides, others believe that the ramifications of these actions in the fight against crime need to be carefully considered.

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