Messages of love and hope from staff to students of Beacon Hill Elementary School


Beacon Hill Elementary 1Messages of love and hope hit the Beacon Hill Elementary School’s entire staff gathered hopeful pictures of themselves to help students in isolation.

“This was an initiative that was started by a few Beacon Hill teachers who reached out to the staff. The incredible part was that every teacher, integration aide, caretaker, secretary and the principal participated,” said Susan Hamblin Brayne, Principal, Beacon Hill Elementary School in an exchange with the West Island Blog.

“We know that it is hard on families while their children are not attending school but what people need to understand is that the staff is also having a difficult time not seeing their students during this pandemic. This was our way to reach out to them and let them know how we are feeling. The wonderful thing is they reciprocated with kind words, videos and positive messages.”

Beacon Hill Elementary 1

Beacon Hill Elementary 1


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