Mental Health Advocates Urge The Establishment Of Better Care


Kristi Allan, who is living with bipolar 2, and has survived a dark time in her life, says that in 2020 alone, about 60 persons ended their lives by suicide.

However, her’s is an estimate, the actual figure is 65 people who ended their lives last year, a Newfound land and Labrador chief medical officer said.

Since her recovery, mental health has become something she is very passionate about. She notes that the Waterford Facility, St. johns, is beyond dreadful.

For the last 6 months, she has been standing at the door, with a placard that reads Long term mental health care needs to be accessible.

She felt the compulsion to remonstration after two of her acquittances took their own lives.

A report by Canada’s Mental Health Association-Newfoundland says better care for people with mental health issues is of great concern.

The report titled Embracing Experiences that came out in May shares the experiences of 40 persons who sought help in provincial mental health facilities.

According to Baily Reid, one of the findings in the report was quite surprising. Those who said they had had a good experience at a government facility noted that they had been lucky.

Allan says she relates to these experiences. She noted that she lucked into mental health care.

In her letter to the provincial MHAs, she is calling for improved long-term care.

Reid notes that the ways the government has responded to the current pandemic is indicative of the possibility of change coming in much faster.


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