Memorial Day Blitz: Nevada State Police Capture DUI Speeder at 131mph


Over the recent Memorial Day weekend, Nevada State Police (NSP) found themselves exceptionally busy dealing with a surge of traffic violations. Not the least of them was an unnamed motorist who was apprehended hurtling down the highway at a whopping 131 miles per hour.

His speeding journey came to an abrupt halt when he was arrested not only for breaking the speed limit but for driving under the influence as well. Las Vegas TV station KTNV was informed by the authorities that there was another DUI arrest over the weekend in Nevada.

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Being charged with drunk driving for the first time in Nevada does not bode well for any driver. Apart from facing two days to six months in jail, the offender would also have to pay fines ranging from $400 to $1,000, not to mention court costs. If that’s not enough, the guilty party risks having their license suspended for up to 185 days coupled with several days of mandatory community service.

The penalties escalate for those who have previously been convicted of DUI and are charged again. To illustrate, a third DUI charge within seven years is classified as a felony. Convicted felons could find themselves facing one to six years in state prison and possibly having to shell out anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000 in fines.

From the start of the weekend on Friday, state troopers from Nevada and California issued 437 citations for speeding and a variety of other charges during what they dubbed as ‘special enforcement’. A significant number of these violations were found on I-15 between St. Rose Parkway and the Nevada state line.

Partly due to the troopers’ vigilance, there were no fatalities reported on I-15 over the holiday weekend. “This stretch of Interstate 15 was once considered one of the deadliest stretches of highway in the country,” an NSP spokesperson was quoted as saying by KTNV. This intensified vigilance was a joint operation between Nevada and California highway patrols, dubbed a ‘zero-tolerance zone’ for speeding, distracted driving, impaired driving, and other traffic violations.

As the holiday weekend beckoned, NSP issued an advisory to drivers that troopers would be patrolling for traffic violations. The warning came in a Facebook post where it stressed: “Please buckle up, slow down and never drive impaired. Make it a safe weekend for everyone on our roadways”. Further reminding motorists that not only does wearing a seat belt save lives, it is also the law.

Additionally, electronic boards placed strategically alongside the highway relayed the message to drivers to slow down. On Friday alone, NSP issued 325 citations of which 215 were for speeding and two were for driving under the influence.

The enforcement continued over the weekend with NSP handing out 81 citations for speeding, 31 citations for different types of violations, and 21 drivers receiving warnings between Saturday and Monday. Overall, the Memorial Day weekend resulted in hundreds of citations, but hopefully sent a message to motorists about the dangers of violating traffic laws.