MemeFi’s Gamification Strategy Draws 6.5M Users Using Linea EVM Chain Not TON


In the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency, the spotlight has found its latest muse in the form of Telegram clicker apps. This fast-growing niche is gaining significant momentum, dwarfing the more capital-intensive DeFi and GameFi apps with its ability to attract millions of users. At the center stage of this new trend is MemeFi, which is breaking away from the norm by aligning itself with Linea, an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) chain, instead of the default Telegram blockchain, TON.

Boasting an ecosystem featuring two apps with widespread appeal – a Web3 Social Tech game and a Telegram Clicker App – MemeFi has managed to garner a staggering audience of over six-and-a-half million users, with a daily active user base of 1.5 million.

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Navigating away from the norm, the main attraction and unique spin of MemeFi lie in its gamification feature. Users are encouraged to tap away prevalent cartoon-styled meme bosses, slowly depleting their health. Upon beating a boss, players ascend levels, unlocking the next adversary and amassing coins along the way.

To add another layer to the gaming experience, MemeFi limits player energy, prompting them to utilize boosters and upgrades to enhance their gameplay. Paired with vibrant and unique artwork created by a skilled art studio well-versed in the cryptic world of crypto memes, the visually stimulating game is decidedly more fulfilling than its conventional clicker counterparts. This is reflected in the abundance of MemeFi-inspired content populating social media platforms.

The MemeFi Web3 app is another addition to the mix, offering even more engagement. This idle game puts a spin on things by inviting players to form ‘meme clans,’ and battle quirky crypto-themed bosses to earn rewards, which other players can access using keys.

Introduced during the launch of last summer, keys represent players’ social capital. Rather than being set by supply and demand, key prices change along a bonding curve managed through a liquidity pool system, encouraging players to behave competitively, and speculating on key prices.

MemeFi has transformed this bonding curve-powered asset into something akin to a bond. Players earn yields based on their share of another player’s key supply, effectively turning the keys into a valuable asset that goes beyond being a mere representation of social capital.

Through these unique features, MemeFi has caught the attention of Linea, a major contender in the Layer 2 (L2) sphere. The launch of the MemeFi Web3 app on Linea and increased social media activity denotes strong ties between the team working on the project and the blockchain team. It’s also becoming apparent that the Clicker App might play a significant role in the growth of the Linea ecosystem.

With a ballooning number of users, clickers are proving their potential in the Web3 space. Recognizing this, many top tier exchanges, including Binance, OKX, and ByBit, are channeling this unprecedented crypto traffic to their corresponding products.

As TON becomes increasingly competitive for clickers, other blockchains are likely exploring opportunities to grow their user bases by tapping into these apps’ sizable audiences. Linea seems to be a step ahead in this pursuit by partnering closely with one of the most used mass-appeal apps on Telegram.

This development suggests that Linea is positioned to lend substantial support to the MemeFi team. The blockchain will aim to capitalize on MemeFi’s success and its impending listing, potentially leading a mass conversion campaign of MemeFi users to Linea and the MemeFi Web3 app.

As clickers continue to dominate the narrative, MemeFi seems poised to usher in an entirely new audience to an EVM chain instead of TON. If successful, this shift could disrupt the current status quo, where TON holds considerable sway over the user base of Telegram due to its close ties with the social media giant.