Memecoins FLOKI and BONK Surge Following Cryptocurrency Dip and Revolut Listing


Over the weekend following the recent Bitcoin dip, the much-buzzed-about memecoins, FLOKI and BONK, experienced an impressive surge. FLOKI led the charge with an unprecedented 500% increase, with BONK on its tail at an 87% incline. Their upward movement painted an energetic picture in the crypto bull run landscape.

Despite the recent listing of both tokens on the European neo bank and retail platform Revolut, the general anticipation didn’t translate into a huge leap for the tokens. Yet the trajectory changed with the recent project announcements, which have injected a fresh vitality into their market performance.

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The Monday revelation of the Revolut listing opens doors for FLOKI and BONK to communicate with a larger demographic, given Revolut’s accessibility to 40 million users across more than 150 nations. Notably, this new development will allow the tokens to be purchased through 25 fiat currencies, comprising EUR, GBP, and USD, conveniently from the Revolut application.

According to a post from BONK X, this service stretch is poised to benefit users across Europe and other qualifying nations with a Learn and Earn program slated to begin on April 29.

Highly regarded cryptocurrency trader, Altcoin Gordon, shared his insightful perspective with his substantial 458,000 follower-base, branding the listing as “pretty BIG.” Gordon predicts the move will propel FLOKI and BONK to a more competitive ground, positioning them toe-to-toe with Dogecoin (DOGE), Dogwifhat (WIF), PEPE, and Shiba Inu (SHIB).

Yet despite the buzz, the post-listing performance of the tokens painted a more modest picture. FLOKI’s value saw a 2% lift, trading at $0.0001778 during the subsequent hour, though it later fell by 5.3% to $0.0001693. Likewise, BONK’s figures rose by 3.7% to $0.0002069, before witnessing a 3.4% drop to the $0.0001990 level.

The daily activity of FLOKI and BONK too mirrored this downward slope in the subsequent 24 hours. FLOKI experienced a whopping 31.6% drop in trading volume, while BONK followed closely with a drop of over 51%.

However, Tuesday dawned with input from the projects’ most recent announcements, sparking a positive change in the tokens’ performance graph. FLOKI unveiled that Alltoscan, the decentralized platform, had stashed $18 million worth of $ATS for 15 months via the project’s crypto locker protocol, FlokiFi Locker. Welcomed with open arms by the community, the news fueled FLOKI’s rise by 5.5% in the last 60 minutes, recording an 11.2% increase over a 24-hour timeframe.

In tandem with this, the acclaimed artist JT Liss was introduced as the creative head for BONK Art Masters. Along with leading the BAM residency program, JT is set to navigate the Creator Grants program to create a greater number of opportunities for artists within the Solana ecosystem. Following this announcement, BONK rose by 4.3% in an hour, and by over 5.6% from its standing 24 hours ago. As per the latest records, BONK trades at $0.00002164.

As the week draws to a close, FLOKI charts at $0.0001921, which is exhilarating news for those holding their breath in the bull run. While the market continues to oscillate, the bridge connecting the longevity of cryptocurrency and community passion remains steadfast.