Meme Coins Eye Comeback: Unfolding Opportunities Amid Crypto Downturn


The recent downturn in crypto prices may have sent shockwaves throughout the market, but financial veterans will no doubt recall the old adage: ‘When there’s blood in the street, buy property.’ Seen from a different angle, the current shrinkage could mean attractive buying opportunities await ahead of a market comeback.

Nowhere is this more noticeable than in the 2024 performance of meme coins, often dismissed at face value but the insiders know have proven their worth. So, let’s train our investment sights on the crème-de-la-crème of meme coins ripe for a pick during this downturn.

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First in the lineup is Sealana, the Solana-powered project, which is currently in its presale stage- a ripe buying time at a mere $0.022 before it dispatches to the wider market. The project has accrued an impressive $4 million plus in its presale period- a testament to its degen theme-ascribed market appreciation. An embodiment of the cardinal approach to meme coins modeled after Dogecoin and Pepe, Sealana capitalizes on meme charisma to attract investments, not to forget its tantalizing social media teeming with cleverly crafted memes with fair exhibition of American patriotism. Drawing influence from South Park’s “World of Warcraft guy”, Sealana subtly aligns with the degen energy of Solana traders and is unsurprisingly a hit among South Park’s fanbase. Prospective investors should brace for action as the Sealana presale will come to a halt in a week’s time.

Making notable strides in crypto is none other than Trump himself, as he bets on meme coins to maximize wins in forthcoming elections. Consequently, meme coins like Super Trump have flourished. There is a murmur in the street that Trump is primed to launch his own official meme coin, a move that has driven a major sell-off for Trump-themed cryptos as they stand to face direct competition with the Ex-President himself. But this shouldn’t be mistaken for a dead-end – quite the opposite, in fact. Trump’s overt support of meme coins could bolster support for Trump-themed coins like Super Trump even more. The Super Trump or STRUMP, is currently trading at a low of $0.01366, but it’s ranked third amongst political-themed meme coins by CoinMarketCap. This coupled with its trending status suggests a formidable comeback on the way.

The unexpected twist in meme coin contenders comes in the form of Weiner AI coin, which lies hidden beneath its meme coin exterior, an AI-powered trading bot that offers anticipatory trading assistance and easy trade execution. It couples the allure of meme coins with inherent practicality- ensuring a multi-stream demand that could vault its price significantly. Market buzz around WienerAI has grown so much so that the presale is nearing the $6 million mark, quickly becoming one of 2024’s hottest meme coin ICOs.

One cannot discuss meme coins without mentioning ‘Pepe’, the largest meme coin to date from the current market cycle. Launched in April 2023, its 10x gains in 2024 make it popular among enthusiasts who expect a swift recovery when the market recoups. Pepe’s price mirrors Ethereum’s with its daily fluctuations, making it a favored beta play and more highly anticipated with the upcoming Ethereum spot ETF launches.

Dogwifhat holds the title of the largest meme coin on Solana. It managed an unprecedented early run in 2024 but has since slowed down; it’s not all lost, especially with rumors of BlackRock attempting a Solana spot ETF circulating. If these rumors end up holding weight, it can set off another landslide of Solana meme coins, led by Dogwifhat. Currently, WIF is trading at a low $2.09 but despite its deep retracement, analysts remain optimistic. It wouldn’t be surprising if Dogwifhat ends up leading the meme coin madness in the coming months.

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