Meme Coins BRETT and Base Dawgz Catch Wave of Success on Base Blockchain


The digital dominion of the Base blockchain continues to flourish, piqued recently by the rising popularity of two particular meme coins that have seized the spotlight in the world of cryptocurrencies. Amongst the selection of joke tokens digitally forging their way to success, Brett (BRETT), has demonstrated a remarkable thrust forward. Trademarked as the largest meme coin of the Base blockchain, BRETT has witnessed a near 20% increase within the past day.

Trailing not too far behind, Base Dawgz (DAWGZ), has also stirred the crypto-pot, having successfully accumulated over $2 million since its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) debuted at the month’s opening. With this kind of momentum, it’s clear that such meme coins are more than mere jesters in the marketplace.

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With the limelight steered in its direction, BRETT exhibits a startling comeback story that is turning the heads of onlookers and investors alike. After wallowing in a phase of uncertainty, the meme coin has made a resounding resurgence. BRETT is trading, at present, at $0.155 and demonstrated its potential when it touched the $0.162 mark earlier in the day. Although it receded slightly thereafter, it undeniably flaunts its explosive inclinations.

In the face of a bullish market, BRETT defied the $0.130 support level, alluding to a continuation of its upward trend. Despite the slowed momentum, the coin seems to be maintaining an attractive appeal in the market. A broader perspective, however, indicates that BRETT remains confined within a certain range on the higher timeframes, a sign of the token’s indecision.

Yet, the intrigue of the traders remains unabated, as evidenced by a surge in spot volumes by 53% since yesterday. BRETT has impressively surpassed Book of Meme (BOME) in the market cap rankings, underscoring its appeal to investors.

The Base blockchain has definitely become the stage for a proliferation of meme coins, with the entire Base meme coin market experiencing a surge. Its total value escalated by 10% to cross over $2 billion mark in a single day. The trading volumes also recorded a high, reaching $140 million. The market buzz is dominated by not only stalwarts like BRETT, DEGEN and TOSHI, but also newcomers who are fast carving out their niche, BENJI being a notable example.

The meme coin frenzy on Base has undeniably been spurred by the platform’s layer-2 architecture, which offers substantially lower transaction fees compared to Ethereum’s mainnet. This has positioned it as an appealing haven for developers and traders eager to capitalize on the meme coin demand. Coupled with Base’s growing daily active users, now counted at over 500,000, the stage is set for proliferation at a viral pace.

With the Base’s total value locked (TVL) soaring to $1.5 billion, it’s clear that Base has become a fertile ground for meme coins in 2024.

Another entrant seizing the limelight, along with BRETT, is Base Dawgz. It’s recent surge past the $2 million threshold in its ICO reflects the tremendous interest of retail investors. Interestingly, the excitement surrounding Base Dawgz isn’t merely due to its performance in ICO. Social media platforms echo the buzz with the project’s Twitter page boasting 4,000 followers. Its multi-chain capabilities have certainly added to the appeal.

Base Dawgz’s novel Share-to-Earn protocol, which rewards points for creating and sharing DAWGZ-related content, is another potential draw for investors. Additionally, DAWGZ tokens can be exchanged for these points, reinforcing a self-fulfilling hype cycle.

The whitepaper of Base Dawgz, detailing future plans for DEX listings, marketing pushes, and enigmatic “community rewards,” has also managed to garner investor attention. With this kind of traction, Base Dawgz, like BRETT, is indeed showing all the signs of emerging as a potential heavyweight in the Base ecosystem. While the speculation as to whether DAWGZ will be the next BRETT continues, there’s no denying its promising foothold in the thriving Base blockchain domain.