Meme Coins Boom: Pepe Surges 600% inspiring New Generations of Tokens


The realm of meme coins has been rife with dramatic rises and falls lately, but one coin has stood out for its noteworthy returns—Pepe. The coin has seen a substantial surge of over 600%, providing a hefty windfall to those who had the foresight to invest early. Now, with all eyes on this flourishing market, several other meme coins find themselves in the spotlight as potential successors to Pepe’s glittering performance.

First on this prospective list is Pepe Unchained, a groundbreaking concept in the meme coin world, and one that carries the famed Pepe name. This meme token is the pioneer of a looming technological revolution as it possesses its very own layer 2 blockchain—forming the first of its kind in Pepe’s lineage. With an embedded bridge to Ethereum, this hybrid blockchain offers its users the flexibility to shuttle assets between the two networks.

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The features of Pepe Unchained don’t stop there. It comes with the whopping capability of executing transactions that are significantly cheaper and 100 times faster than the Ethereum network. The meme coin offers staking options, allowing users to lock their $PEPU tokens in the project’s smart contract. By doing so, they can earn an astonishing APY of approximately 2,000%. However, with more tokens being staked, this yield is subject to further dilution. In its ongoing presale, traders can purchase each $PEPU at a modest $0.0080964, a price that is bound to inflate.

Next on the radar is Apu Apustaja, another Pepe-related cryptocurrency. It positions itself subtly differently by rotating around a ‘kinder’ anthropomorphic frog, diverging from the controversial political associations linked with Pepe. Apu’s ‘gentler’ interpretation may appeal to a broad range of meme coin enthusiasts while drawing the attention of exchanges like Coinbase, who have so far held off listing Pepe.

Despite a drop by 13% this week and 44% this month, APU has scaled an impressive 650% since its data appeared on CoinMarketCap in March. The meme coin has an existing market capitalization of $143 million and a daily trading volume of $15 million.

Frogs aren’t the sole occupants of the meme coin universe. Cat-themed coins are starting to claw their way into the limelight. The frontrunner in this category is Solana-based Michi, which has seen an endorsement from high-profile meme-coin traders. This past week, Michi witnessed a price increase of 17%, with a 48% increase over the week.

Michi’s current price stands at $0.1964 with a market cap of $109 million, maintaining a 24-hour trading volume of $13 million. The growing popularity of this token could be due to the unique feature called the “Michi Maker.”, which allows members of the community to design their memes featuring customizable clothing for the Michi cat mascot. These creative memes often stem from current worldly or industry-related topics, generating engagement within the community.

Indeed, the meme coin markets feel rife with opportunity, teeming with recovery, and brimming with possibilities to become the successors to Pepe’s renowned ascendance.