Membertou Hockey Rink Source Of Recent Cluster: Strang


Hockey events at the Cape Breton’s Rink has been found to be the source of a recent cluster of infection in the eastern health zone, Nova Scotia.

The risk of infection was found to greatest in games that were played at the Membertou’s Sports and Wellness on the 17 and 18th of April.

Health officials are looking into confirmed infections and the available evidence on how transmission occurred. The province’s chief medical officer, Dr. Robert Strang stated that all people who visit the arena over the weekend should go for testing and self-isolate until the 2nd of May.

The rink is home to 2 ice surfaces, meeting and events rooms as well as an indoor track. The likely infection dates at the rink include the 17th of April between 6:15pm and 10pm. The other date that officials identified is the 18th of April in the hours of 12:45pm and 5:15pm.

Health officials said that all those who were at the rink between the 17th and 18th of April can get tested in specific locations including the Drop-in test center at the Membertou’s Entertainment Center between 9 am and 9pm. The testing center is open to everyone.

Rapid testing will also be made available to persons aged at least 16 years showing symptoms at Cape Breton University starting Monday 2pm to 7:30pm and also on Tuesday from 10am and 6 pm.


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