Megan Rapinoe Bows Out with Victory in Emotion-Charged Farewell Match


In an emotionally-charged game at Soldier Field in Chicago, the United States Women’s National Soccer Team celebrated a 2-0 victory over South Africa. The Sunday afternoon spectacle was highlighted by Megan Rapinoe taking the field one last time.

Rapinoe, a Califiornia-born midfielder aged 38, had honorably served as the captain during this final match of a two-game series. The start of the match saw her donning a jersey uniquely marked with “203”, commemorating her extensive service to the national side.

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This final match was made extra special by Rapinoe’s family, including her fiancée, ex-WNBA luminary Sue Bird. As she retired from her extraordinary athletic career, they joined her in a heartfelt embrace.

The scoring got underway quite swiftly with a goal from Trinity Rodman during the 18th minute. Forty-nine minutes after kickoff, Rapinoe took a corner kick that was swiftly transformed into a goal by Emily Sonnett. Appropriately, Rapinoe celebrated with her signature arms wide open gesture, inducing roars from the thrilled audience.

Rapinoe’s near miss from a free kick gave the spectators a thrilling moment to remember. Not long after, with 54 minutes on the clock, she left the pitch amid an enthusiastic standing ovation. Waving to the fans and embracing her colleagues one final time, the retiring Rapinoe was deep in emotion.

Following the triumphant match, the renowned player took time to show her appreciation to both the spectators at Soldier Field and the wider public. In a touching speech, she expressed heartfelt gratitude for the unending support throughout her impressive career.

In Rapinoe’s wake, she leaves an exceptional legacy. With 63 goals and 73 assists since joining the team in 2006, she sits comfortably in the top 10 of both categories in the U.S. women’s mission’s history. Her accolades consist of gold at the London Olympics in 2012, two World Cup trophies in 2015 and 2019, and the Balloon d’Or Féminin and FIFA Best awards in 2019.

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