Mega Millions Lottery Soars to $202 Million with Draw Set for Tuesday Night


The Mega Millions lottery has once again captured the public imagination as it climbs to a tantalizing $202 million, skyrocketing after no contender landed the triumphant digits last Friday.

The drama will unfold on Tuesday, as households anticipate the magical moment of the draw, set for around 11 p.m. ET. The prize numbers will soon be revealed below.

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For one fortunate participant, Tuesday might just turn into a day of skyrocketing ecstasy. Should they claim the Mega Millions jackpot, they will have the option to saunter off with a handsome sum of approximately $91.6 million after taxes, dramatically transforming their lifestyle overnight.

Just a few weeks prior, a player hailing from New Jersey proudly claimed the first Mega Millions jackpot of the year, amassing a staggering $1.13 billion – a figure that evoked astonishment nationwide.

The result of the suspense-filled Mega Millions drawing on Tuesday, April 23, delivered the sequence of winning digits as follows: 11, 17, 33, 39, 43, with the Mega Ball landing on 14, and a four-fold Megaplier.

Take note of the lottery digits, and maintain a firm grip on those tickets. Once the Mega Millions officials release their results, all fortunate victors will find their thrilling success stories chronicled here.

For a thorough perusal of yesteryears’ triumphs, lottery participants are advised to navigate to the Mega Millions’ digital home.

Concerning how one can partake in this thrilling gamble, procuring a ticket is rather simple. The local grocery store, gas station, or convenience store are the typical locales. Yet, a select few states also extend the convenience of purchasing tickets online.

A participant is required to choose six numbers to participate in the draw. Five of these are white balls, numbering between 1 and 70, while a gold ‘Mega Ball’ represents any number between 1 and 25.

The lottery understands that trusting the odds might seem like a mountainous task for some. Hence, it offers the options of a “Quick Pick” or an “Easy Pick” for those wanting to yield selection power to randomness controlled by a computer.

Aiming for amplified non-grand prize winnings becomes attainable by opting for the “Megaplier” with an additional dollar. This can bring in winnings of two, three, four, or five times the original amount, depending on the Megaplier drawn prior to the Mega Millions numbers each Tuesday and Friday.

Considering where lottery tickets are available for purchase, one can visit gas stations, grocery stores, and convenience stops. Certain airport terminals also deal in lottery tickets.

Digitally savvy lottery fans can conveniently place orders via Jackpocket, the official digital lottery courier of the USA TODAY Network, offered in a host of U.S. states and territories. The user-friendly Jackpocket app lets the user select a lottery game and numbers, puts in their order, showcases their ticket, and allows the collection of winnings all through the convenience of their personal smartphone or home computer.

Take note that all referrals of the audience to Jackpocket services may generate revenue for Gannett. Jackpocket users must meet age restrictions based on their respective locations and abide by Jackpocket’s full terms.