Meet Your Neighbour – Doug MacDonald


by Kelly Nickerson.

Doug MacDonald is VP of Sales and Marketing at CN and spends his spare time as Registrar of the Lakeshore Girl’s Softball Association (LGSA). This busy father of three lives in Kirkland, QC.

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I travel about half the year on business and love fiction; adventure, thrillers and sci-fi are go-to genres for me. I’ve read everything from David Baldacci and Harlan Coben, and Evan Currie’s “Into The Black” was amazing. I never miss a weekly issue of The Economist either. Everything is on my Kindle or iPad now…I’ve gone completely digital.  I do much of my LGSA work at night from the road.

I’m an alternative music guy, and I like concerts. I’m taking my kids to Imagine Dragons at the Bell Center this summer. Our last live show together was Lady Gaga, which was a great experience except for the two tortuous hours of DJ house music they played before she finally came on.


I love to cook, anything and everything. When it’s potluck they usually ask me to bring a cheesecake! I love to make them, but I never eat them, so my family isn’t always happy about that. My best recipes come from my mother. Not by email, she sends me actual clippings in the mail that I file in a tabbed binder.Easter Treat  In the winter, my wife Melissa and I help our teenagers make their own healthy meal plan, and take them to shop for it;  then they prepare a whole family dinner by themselves. We do try to set aside time to help them develop life skills they’ll find useful when they eventually leave home. When it comes to eating out, we enjoy Le Vieux Four and La Famiglia, both on St. Charles Boulevard; we can walk to both restaurants and back. The food is great, and at La Famiglia you can bring our own wine.


I’ve been involved with the LGSA since my daughters were very young, back in T-ball days. They’ve since risen up through the Atom, Mosquito and Benjamin ranks, now to Cadet and Midget. As Registrar I’m officially responsible for membership drive and team organization, but I help with all aspects of the league. You should see T-Shirt distribution at my house right now; team jerseys cover every surface in my living and dining room! Not to mention equipment bags in my garage. I’ve been involved with sports my whole life, and this is one way I can help give back to my community. It’s such a treat to see our newest T-ball players coming out each spring, some as young as four or five, trying the game while sisters and brothers cheer them on or play nearby.



At LGSA we focus on team spirit, supporting girls and watching them grow. For us, softball is an activity the entire family enjoys together…the girls warm up and make connections on the bench while their parents bond in the stands. We teach athletic skills of course, but our families appreciate that competitiveness is equal to the social nature of the game. We have close to 300 girls signed up for this 2015 season, which is always divided into two sessions; a spring-only House League and a summer-long Inter-City League. We encourage any West Island girls looking for a fun, team-oriented, spring-and-or-summer sport to give softball a try. You can find out more information and contact us at our website


We always try to experience Montreal summer to its full potential. You know summer is here when you see me in a lawn chair out in one of my neighbour’s driveways drinking a beer! I attend the Grand Prix every year for work, and we always hit the Comedy Festival. We do love to travel though, and do our big trips in the winter when softball is on hiatus; we’ve been to Hawaii a few times and we’re going again this Christmas.


We’re looking forward to becoming empty nesters and downsizing! And I’d like to work more on my golf game. One thing is for sure though, I’ll continue supporting my girls and Lakeshore softball for a long time to come. I’d like to encourage more parents to step up and participate too; it might seem intimidating at first, but the LGSA is all about supporting new assistant coaches and coaches to learn and experience a fantastic, family-oriented sport, teaching new talents and skills to girls along the way. LGSA was lucky to take home an Inter-City gold two years in a row now; fingers crossed for a third.

Kelly Nickerson works full‐time as Senior Director of Marketing & Analytics for a Fortune 500 company, and writes in her spare time. She lives in Beaconsfield, QC.