Medicine Hat Resident Hits $2M Jackpot, Plans Adventure-filled Camping Trips


In the tranquil town of Medicine Hat in southern Alberta, a moment of pure elation and disbelief gripped Allison Shulson. As she deciphered the results of the March 13 Western 6-49 draw on her phone, her breath hitched in her throat; she had just become $2 million richer.

A frequent participant in the game of chance, Shulson, along with her husband, indulges in purchasing lottery tickets twice weekly. This particular ticket, sourced from a Circle K on 20 Street N.E., was about to radically transform their lives.

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“I couldn’t believe it,” Shulson revealed, the magnitude of the moment still seeping into reality. Alone at home, her husband away on business, she reached for the phone, her heartbeat echoing loudly in her ears. She said, “In my hysteria, I was just screaming. My husband, startled and worried, thought I was having a heart attack.”

With this windfall, the Shulsons have been presented with a world of possibilities, their dreams no longer tethered to constraints. Allison and her husband, passionate about the great outdoors and frequent campers, have already started envisaging their plans.

“We have a profound love for camping,” Allison shared, her voice infused with an unmistakable note of anticipation. “And our family includes two big dogs, loyal and affectionate. So, we’re already planning to take them camping throughout the summer. We look forward to exploring the vibrant landscapes and diverse wildlife of B.C.”

Her victory hadn’t been a product of sheer luck alone. In a game where the odds can be daunting, Allison managed to match all six main numbers drawn, securing the jackpot. The news of her win serves as a reminder that sometimes, fortune does indeed favor the bold.