McGill’s Mac Campus nominated as Fair Trade campus


Fair Trade West Island

McGill University’s Macdonald Campus has been nominated in Fair Trade Canada’s Fair Trade Campus Program. Fairtrade in the West Island does not stop here.

The campus will be joining Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, the city, as it was certified as a Fair Trade town in 2010. The program recognizes the campuses that have made a commitment to supporting and educating their community about fair trade.

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This appointment complements the City’s ongoing efforts in global food security. As part of its sustainable development plan, adopted in 2012, Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue aims to increase the availability of organic food in the community and to promote fair trade practices.

Some of the initiatives already in place on campus include the campus-based non-profit organization, Buy Your Own Bulk (BYOB), which sells affordable, sustainable organic food in bulk to Macdonald Campus community and the Out-of-the-Garden Project (OGP), a student-run cafe. In addition, all vending machines on campus now offer a Fair Trade chocolate option. Increasing the availability of fair-trade products on campus allows students and staff to use their purchasing power to promote ethical and fair trade.