McGill Took Months Before Outing Janitor Who Spied In Bathroom, Students Say


McGill students say their university waited many months before taking action against janitor who had a habit of spying on students in bathrooms.

Courtney Smith, post-doctoral grad student at McGill, stated one time she was in the bathroom on the 13th floor of the McIntyre building when she noticed the Janitor come in.

She said it was exactly obvious to he that it was the janitor initially as he would wait until they are in the stalls before he crept into the room.

Smith added that her was the only case. She also said that when it happened a second time, she surprised the janitor who took off.

When she finally reported the matter to security, management said there was nothing they could do. Later she learnt that management had talked to the janitor and was back to work the following day.

Smith isn’t the only student who had had run-ins with the janitor. Three other female students came forth with the same story.

One of the three captured footage showing a man pacing about while she was in a stall. In the footage, the man is see crouching to peek under the stall’s door.

Following this incident, the university dismissed him from work, Smith stated, and now she hopes that her story and that of others will lead police to prefer charged against the man.

The university’s management declined to comment on the matter, but issued a statement noting that they take sexual harassment very seriously and their policy is to response with immediate effect when claims are brought to them.

Smith, on her part, faulted the University for its claim that it took action quickly.


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