McGill Epidemiologist Says Bars In Quebec Will Be Safer Than University Classroom In The Fall


A professor at the McGill University whose specialty is the epidemiology of infectious diseases, says Quebecers will be better off in restaurants, gym facilities and bars than in university classrooms in the fall.

Last Friday, the government said the mask mandates and physical distancing rules will not be enforced in classrooms when in-person studied resume in universities and colleges this fall. Also, proof of immunization will not be a must for those looking to participate in extra-curricular activities like sports.

This announcement came a day after Premier Francois Legault informed the media that the province would be looking to introduce immunization passports for those looking to access non-essential services like going to gyms or bars.

McGill has stated it will make it mandatory for learners to wear masks in classrooms in areas where physical distancing can’t be achieved.

Quebec’s higher education minister, Danielle McCann, did not issue feedback after local media sent request asking for a comment.


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