McCloskeys Win Expungement, Demand Return of Confiscated Firearms


In the city of St. Louis, the wheels of justice have turned favorably for one unusual couple. Attorneys Mark and Patricia McCloskey, who captured national attention last year when they brandished firearms at Black Lives Matter protesters from their mansion’s property, have now seen their legal predicaments evaporate.

A judge sanctioned the expunging of misdemeanor convictions against the couple, who asked to retrieve their confiscated guns. In the aftermath of racial injustice protests in 2020, the McCloskeys claimed they felt threatened as protestors passed their mansion, en route to demonstrate outside the mayor’s residence nearby.

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Earlier this year, the McCloskeys made an appeal to the courts to erase their convictions. They were successful. Judge Joseph P. Whyte inked an order on Wednesday, indicating that an expungement’s ultimate goal is to grant a rehabilitated citizen another chance. This decision appeared in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch despite the opposition from city prosecutors and local law enforcement to the erasure of the convictions.

Upon the release of Judge Whyte’s decision, Mark McCloskey wasted no time in requesting the return of their firearms seized during his 2021 guilty plea for misdemeanor assault. The couple had already been pardoned by Republican governor Mike Parson in the weeks following the plea. A defiant Mark McCloskey sent a robust message to the city, “It’s time for the city to cough up my guns.” He then laid down an ultimatum; if the city failed to return their guns, he would bring a lawsuit against them.

Recalling the incident that occurred in June 2020, the McCloskeys said they felt threatened as the BLM protesters, part of a nation-wide wave of demonstrations following the tragic death of George Floyd at the hands of a police officer in Minneapolis, passed by their home. They maintained that the protestors trespassed onto a private street. In response, Mark McCloskey brought out an AR-15-style rifle while Patricia McCloskey brandished a semi-automatic pistol. With the convictions cleared, they now wait for the city’s response regarding their confiscated firearms.