MCCAF donates Medical Supplies to Montreal Super Hospital

MCCAF medical supplies donation

On March 23rd, 2020, president Susan Xianshu Huang and members of MCCAF and the Organizing Committee of 2020 Dragon Boat Festival went to the receiving dock of MUHC to donate 150 sets of Coveralls and 2500 medical masks for Corona Virus flighting.

This donation is the contribution of each member of the Organizing Committee. “Helping each other in one Boat” is the Spirit of Dragon Boat Culture. This is the time when this spirit is most needed. We would like to try our best to help those in need in this critical moment as we are the “Descendants of the Dragon” who bears the Spirit of “ We are all in the same Boat” and “Together we can beat the Virus”!

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In addition to the material donation for the Super Hospital on the 23rd, the MCCAF and the Dragon Boat Festival Organizing Committee last week also donated 2,500 masks to the Chinese students in need through the Montreal Consulate General.

Besides, 150 sets of Coveralls and 5300 medical masks have also been donated to Sichuan Charity Foundation. They hope that through these actions, the dragon boat lovers and players will embody the practice of the dragon boat spirit of “common togetherness” and make their contributions to this challenge facing all mankind.

Chairwoman Susan Xianshu Huang also appealed to the vast number of Chinese Canadian and overseas Chinese in Montreal to show their love, take positive actions, uphold the spirit of the Dragon Boat, unite together, and overcome the difficulties together.

We are all hoping that the end is near for Coronavirus and we must all do our part to Plank the Curve!

MCCAF medical supplies donation