Mayorga Fights to Revive Ronaldo Rape Case in Appeals Court


Kathryn Mayorga, a Las Vegas resident, seeks the reinstatement of her case against football icon Cristiano Ronaldo, who she alleges raped her in 2009 at his Palms Casino penthouse. She launched her civil lawsuit against the Portuguese superstar, now playing for Al Nassr in the Saudi Pro League, in 2018, but it was dismissed by a federal judge in Nevada the following year.

A US appeals court is set to address the revival of her case. Both parties are expected to present their oral arguments to a three-judge appellate panel during a special Las Vegas hearing.

German news magazine Der Spiegel published leaked documents from the “Football Leaks” website in October 2018. These documents appear to show Ronaldo admitting non-consensual sex. Ronaldo’s legal team, however, contends these files were stolen by hackers and doctored.

Ronaldo consistently argues that the sex was consensual. The Las Vegas police almost moved to charge the soccer star in 2019 and even sought an arrest warrant. The case, however, was abandoned when Clark County AG Steve Wolfson established the claim couldn’t be definitively proven.

In 2022, US District Judge Jennifer Dorsey dismissed the case, explaining that Mayorga’s attorney, Leslie Stoval, based much of his argument on confidential exchanges between Ronaldo and his lawyer. Dorsey called Stoval’s use of the leaked documents a “blatant circumvention of the appropriate litigation procedure.”

Mayorga initially reported the alleged assault on June 13, 2009. Subsequent medical exams revealed significant injuries consistent with assault. However, fearing public scorn and retaliation, she initially refused to identify her attacker.

Subsequently, Mayorga signed a non-disclosure agreement in 2010 and dropped all claims against Ronaldo for a $375,000 settlement. Ronaldo’s lawyers posit this was not an acknowledgment of guilt. Mayorga, however, alleges coercion and manipulation by the star’s legal team at a time she was “mentally incapacitated.”

The rise of the #MeToo movement and the leaked documents spurred Mayorga to sue Ronaldo for several charges including fraud, coercion, and emotional distress. She asserts the lower court erred in its dismissal of her attempt to use the 2009 non-disclosure agreement as evidence.

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