Mayor Sue Montgomery Suspended Without Pay Until The Following Election


Quebec’s municipal commission has sent the Côte-des-Neiges–Notre-Dame-de-Grâce’s Mayor, Sue Montgomery, on suspension without pay for the remaining days after she was found guilty of violating the terms of her office.

The commission issued 120 days of suspension, with no pay, on Monday.

Her attorney, Eric Oliver noted that Montgomery was disappointed, but not surprised with the decision. He added that they plan to appear in the Superior Court this Tuesday to seek a stay on the basis that the commission isn’t objective in this matter.

Her mayoral opponent, Lionel Perez, said via a tweet that he approved of the commission’s action.

Perez is scheduled to replace Montgomery until Montreal holds the next election.

Kast June, Montgomery was found to have violated the terms of her officer, including not respecting staffers, and attempting to suspend borough’s director, Stephane Plante.


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