Mayor Plante Banks On Disability Record, Coderre Promises Engaging More Police If Elected


Following last Wednesday’s mayoral debate, a few of the candidates have come back on the campaign trail, and brought with them other candidates.

Current mayor, Valerie Plante, introduce Laurence Parent, whom she said would be joining her team. Parent is a post-doctoral fellow at the Concordia University. She holds a PhD in humanities from the same university where he also runs research into the exclusion of the disabled in Quebec. she has also been on the board of directors of STM for the past four years.

Mayor Plante stated that Parent would be instrumental in getting Project Montreal to do even more for the disabled members of the community. She added that it is her hope her candidacy will inspire other disabled persons to join politics.

In the meantime, Denis Coderre was introduced new ensemble candidates. The potential future mayor addressed the recent wave of gun violence by denouncing defunding the city’s police, adding that the officers are not the issue, but the solution. He added that if elected, he would hire more officers to fill the 253 deficit.

The municipal polls will be held on the 7th of November.


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