Mayor Bourelle is encouraged to be addressing Angell Woods Spring 2014


According to a recent article in the Suburban –  Mayor Bourelle and his council will be addressing the Angell Woods dilema in short order.  One of the Mayor’s  campagin promises was to save 100% of Angell Woods. Montreal recently coughed up 1.9 million dollars to St. Anne de Bellevue for land conservation.  It would be great if Montreal came through for Beaconsfield as well.


I am concerned about who would be in charge of maintaining the woods once they are conseved.  We have not had much increase, if any ,  in revenues in our city for some time.  I ,for one ,cannot imagine how much it must cost to maintain and insure such a large property if it is left as a Beaconsfield responsiblity.


With Montreal involved we can also expect parts of the  land will be turned over to recreation and tourism as it will be in St. Anne’s.  That will increase traffic a great deal at Woodland intersection.  This is a very dangerous intersection and I am not comfortable increasing traffic there without a correction first.


It is a reality that if Monteral buys the land we are going to have to share it with everyone.  This will include trails bridges and of course proper parking for visitors.  Beaconsfield will hold jurisdiction but the land will be for all to enjoy.


Looking forward to a final outcome of this long standing issue.


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