Maynard Primed for Epic Clash with GWS Star Greene After Brayshaw Bump Incident


In a recent encounter, Brayden Maynard unexpectedly collided with Angus Brayshaw, an incident described as “treading on the line.” However, as per his coach’s comments, it appears that Maynard, the stalwart Magpies defender, has put the past behind him and is well-prepared for his upcoming face-off with a GWS superstar.

The formidable Maynard has often been regarded as a safe defence against Toby Greene, the All-Australian captain, making him an evident choice for the match-up in the upcoming Friday night clash between the Pies and the Giants.

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Maynard’s mentor McRae is thoroughly confident of his player’s performance against the league’s finest small forward, asserting his steadfast belief in Maynard’s knack for his natural gameplay. This is despite the cognitive disarray that followed the extraordinary fallout from Maynard’s monumental collision with Brayshaw in the qualifying finals – a collision that left Brayshaw still for two long minutes.

McRae has always believed in encouraging his players to harness their strength, advising them to be the finest version of themselves. Despite the unforeseen incident, McRae continues to express his concern for Brayshaw’s wellbeing, even weeks after the collision.

While McRae has remained noncommittal about a direct conflict between Maynard and Greene, he concedes that the Magpies are likely to adhere to their tried-and-tested tactic. He proclaims Maynard’s impressive track record against Greene, but acknowledges the latter’s significant contribution to the game and his commendable form, promising an exhilarating match to look forward to.

Greene, on the other hand, is keen on taking on any challenges that come his way, stating it will be an engaging battle with either Maynard, Quaynor, or Howe – all of who he considers formidable adversaries.

The Giants have convincingly battled the tremendous pressure of playing before fervently supportive St Kilda and Port Adelaide zealous crowds during their initial finals. However, McRae contends that the ecstasy of a packed MCG on the upcoming Friday would undoubtedly tip the scales in favor of the Magpies.

McRae reminisces about the electrifying preliminary finals between the Tigers and Giants back in 2017, heartfeltly crediting the crowd’s palpable energy as an undeniable advantage. He expects a similar callback to the audience’s overwhelming reaction that night, hoping the Magpies supporters repeat the fantastic show of spirited encouragement.

In a light-hearted endnote, McRae reveals that he has briefly paused his camaraderie with his old mate and former Tigers assistant Adam Kingsley during the preparation week. Chuckling about his friend’s well-known affinity for weights and gym sessions, McRae expresses his joy over Kingsley’s accomplishments. He hopes for his continued success – just not over the following week.