Maxime Bernier talks Trump


by Rhonda Massad

In a candid interview with Beauce MP Maxime Bernier, he promotes small government while hoping to cut what he considers corporate welfare in Canada.

“I’m running for leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. Help me fight for freedom, respect, fairness, and responsibility,” Bernier said during an interview with West Island Blog.

Bernier believes that shrinking the government will give Canadians their freedom. He believes that people can make their decisions and determine their own destiny.

When WIB’s Rhonda Massad asks him how he will manage US President Donald Trump, he replies by saying he doesn’t like the term manage but prefers to look positively at our neighbours to the south with a hope that the his tax platform will keep Canada competitive.

Watch the interview here…..

Maxime Bernier, Conservative Party, Canada, Prime Minister, Montreal


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