Mavericks Co-owner Foresees Blend of NBA Glory and Texas Casino Dreams


In a pained twist of fate, the Dallas Mavericks failed to secure an NBA championship on Monday, bowing out to the Boston Celtics. However, such a stinging defeat has done little to quell the buoyant resolve of Mavericks co-owner, Patrick Dumont, who eagerly anticipates writing future chapters of success, both on the basketball court and, intriguingly, within the extravagant confines of a Texan casino resort.

Patrick Dumont sits comfortably in his dual role – the president of Las Vegas Sands (LVS) and the co-owner of the Mavericks. Marrying financial acumen with an inherent sporting ilk, he recently claimed a majority stake in the Mavericks alongside the weighty influence of long-standing associate, Miriam Adelson. Yet Dumont assured reporters on Friday that the motivations behind the acquisition were not intertwined with his interests in LVS, saying, “Us buying the team had nothing to do with getting gambling in Texas.”

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However, Dumont did not rule out a future concord between his two business interests, saying, “Now, if there ever comes a time where those two things converge and there’s common interest there, and it makes sense, then we’ll pursue it.” An LVS casino resort in Texas is but a dormant desire for now, as the sturdy helmsman maintains a separate focus on each of the colossal entities he is leading.

LVS’ protracted struggle to lobby for casino legislation in Texas exemplifies the company’s strategic approach. As Dumont succinctly proclaims, “We think long term. We’re not people who think in the short term. We’re patient… Over time, hopefully we’ll be successful.”

Political scholars weigh in on Dumont’s audacious aims with a cautious word of advice. Brandon Rottinghaus, a political scientist at the University of Houston, alludes to the labyrinthine nature of state politics by saying, “Patience is a virtue, especially in politics.” The moral and economic implications of gambling affect the deliberation of legislative changes and, as per Professor Mark P. Jones from Rice University, it’s probable that Dumont is eyeing completion of the requisite legislation by 2025 or later.

There’s another intriguing twist to this tapestry. Professor Jones makes the tantalizing assertion, “If the Mavericks return to the NBA Championship in 2030, those games will quite possibly be played in a new arena located within the complex of one of the largest and most impressive destination resort casinos in the world, courtesy of the Las Vegas Sands.”

The political landscape of Texas will certainly play a key role in navigating this ambitious venture. Notably, the 2023 legislative session saw the likes of Governor Greg Abbott and House Speaker Dade Phelan offer much-needed support to LVS and its allies. Yet, there exist staunch adversaries like Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and several of his cohorts in the Texas Senate, so far dissenting against LVS’ aspiration to establish a destination casino in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Politics being the fluid and unpredictable arena that it is, Professor Jones concludes by provoking thought about potential shifts in stance, saying, “But it is always possible that the lieutenant governor and the Republican senators could change their position vis-a-vis casino gambling, if not in 2025, then in 2027.” An economic crisis might indeed push the seemingly faraway dreams of a destination casino resort in Texas into the realm of reality soon enough. Nonetheless, the powerful tides of politics and commercial interest keep the world eagerly watching and waiting.