Massive Recall of Dangerous Black & Decker Steamers Following Burn Injuries


In the heart of New York City, a brewing controversy over the safety of Black & Decker-branded clothing steamers has lead to the colossal recall of about 2 million devices. This decision has been precipitated by a slew of consumer complaints, reporting burn injuries from hot water unexpectedly ejected during the steamer’s operation.

The pivotal orchestrator of the recall, Empower Brands, has extended an earlier recall for the Black & Decker Model HGS011 Easy Garment Steamers, the public of which was alerted through a Thursday announcement by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). An earlier recall affecting nearly 520,000 steamers was instigated in November 2022. The response at the time was the provision of a repair solution. However, troubling reports of continued burn injuries, including instances involving the amended units, never ceased to surface, which prompted the current expansion of the recall.

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Empower Brands is now retracting an additional 1.6 million steamers from circulation. This is an all-encompassing callback covering all units of the model, including the previously repaired ones, replacing the former repair solution with a full refund offer. The identified fault in the recalled steamers was the tendency to spray or leak hot water during use, which presented a disturbing burn hazard, as per the CPSC’s statement.

To put things into perspective, Empower Brands has been on the receiving end of 317 incident reports implicating hot water ejections from the steamers, which lead to 82 documented burn injury incidents. This includes the alarming reports of seven second-degree burns. Even more distressing, is the fact that 94 of these incidents, encompassing 19 of the burn injuries, were traced back to post-repair units or models sporting an updated design.

These recalled Black & Decker Model HGS011 Easy Garment Steamers were accessible to consumers in a plethora of colors from popular retail platforms as diverse as Walmart, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Amazon, and the Black & Decker official website. These sales transpired between June 2021 to as recent as February 2024.

The identification of these recalled products can be undertaken by cross-referencing their label, model number, and UPC code against the detailed list provided in the CPSC’s notice.

In the wake of this unnerving revelation, consumers have been proactively urged to immediately discontinue the use of these questionable steamers. To facilitate refunds, customers are invited to reach out to Empower Brands, a subsidiary of the Wisconsin-based Spectrum Brands Inc., to claim their due recompense. In this tale of hidden danger in everyday appliances, both safety concerns and brand integrity hang in the balance.