Massive Rally for Trans Youth Highlights Solidarity in Winnipeg


Sunday bore witness to significant public solidarity as a massive assembly convened at the Manitoba Legislature in a demonstration of vehement support for Winnipeg’s LGBTQ2S+ community.

The event, aptly named the “Rally for Trans Youth”, served as a counter-response to a cross-country wave of resistance against contemporary updates to sexual education programs. Steering the event, James Webster emphasized the critical need to rebuke these manifestations of bigotry.

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The prospect of the 1 Million March for Children being executed without challenge was something Webster found unacceptable. “The safety of our community is paramount, and it is essential that we voice our objection to these acts of hatred,” he remarked.

Webster’s initial contemplation of a counter-rally birthed a conversation on social media, where he sought guidance on how he could contribute to their cause. The online dialogue swiftly transformed into Webster coordinating the efforts of others, directing them on ways to support the cause.

The assembly was a vibrant mosaic of rainbow flags, colourful attire, and inventive signs expressing support for the LGBTQ2S+ community. Among these supporters was Stephane Normandeau, attending the event as an ally.

Normandeau, critical of the parent’s rights agenda and concerned with developments in neighbouring provinces, asserted the need for even those external to the community to stand as allies. Matthew, Delaney, and Moses, also stood united at the rally, reinforcing their support for trans children. Delaney emphasized the enduring presence and support for their trans children, while Moses passionately advocated for personal freedom of expression.

Webster reassured the crowd that their message is uncomplicated. “We want to promote love and acceptance above everything else,” he affirmed.

Webster recounted his experience at the preceding anti-LGBTQ2S+ protest as overwhelmingly negative due to the hate he witnessed. However, his determination was unfaltered, “Despite their attempts to bring us down, we will not change, we will always be here”.

Normandeau, attending the rally as a parent, voiced his support for his children, regardless of their potential future identities. Webster and other speakers rallied the crowd before directing a procession towards The Forks. The public showed their support in overwhelming waves, with people generously offering free drinks, sound systems, and other donations. Webster declared, “This would simply not be possible without the community”.

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