Massive Protests Erupt Over Gender Education in Maritime Schools


Across the Maritimes, throngs of protesters gathered in multitude on Wednesday for simultaneous pro and counter demonstrations revolving around the topic of gender education and policies within the school system.

The city hall in Halifax served as the center stage for the protest and counter-protests, extending into a march around downtown. The crowd returned to the Grand Parade as tensions and momentum continued to surge. The demonstration, Halifax Regional Police Constable John MacLeod reported in a Wednesday press release, bloated to an estimated size of 1,200, comprising mainly of two distinct factions.

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The mainstay of one group comprised of individuals rallying as part of a Canada-wide array of events instigated by “1MillionMarch4Children”. This organization agitates for a united front against what they term “gender ideology” being integrated into school curriculums. Placards with slogans such as “Leave our kids alone” brandished their stand as their chant “Protect our kids!” echoed across the streets.

Susan Campbell, a protester, stressed that children ought to be learning basic educational foundations and not what she cryptically labeled as, “the things that they’re trying to teach them”. Michelle Briella, a vocal parent, vehemently criticized what she sees as an imposition of sexual orientation on children by the government. She called for an immediate halt, stating, “it’s not right, and it has got to stop.”

Grouped on the opposite side stood members from the LGBTQ2S+ community, emphasizing the equality of trans rights with human rights, and decrying any space for hate.

The emotionally charged crowd didn’t deter Halifax police from effectively maintaining order in the city, setting up divisions between the two groups and successfully averting major incidents during the course of the three-hour protest. In the aftermath, a 16-year-old was taken into police custody and faces charges of assault with a weapon, property damage and causing a disturbance.

Meanwhile, further action unfolded in Centennial Park, Moncton. Members of the “1MillionMarch4Children” and their opposition engaged in a heated exchange, escalating in intensity when the march returned to the park. The crowd was held at bay by careful policing from RCMP and city by-law officers.

In the midst of tension, Chris McDonald, a counter-protester, faced verbal harassment from the million-march crowd. There were also expressions of fear and threats of violence. On the other hand, another protestor, Blakney Robichaud, reaffirmed her belief in inclusion and stated she is not against the LGBTQ2S+ community.

Members of Moncton’s Muslim community, who took issue with the schools teaching their children subjects that conflicted with their beliefs, joined in vocal protest. The protest was reported to have been originally organized by the Muslim community in Canada. Despite the escalation, most advocated for non-violence and avoidance of provocation.

It was a day where free speech hit the streets boldly, with Carlyne Blakney Robichaud of “1MillionMarch4Children” expressing satisfaction at the show of support in Moncton. Schools, represented by Anglophone East School District Superintendent Randy MacLEAN, adopted a hands-off, non-political stance, focusing on the safety of the students. After waves of vociferous expression, the crowd in Centennial Park peacefully ended the day’s activities around 1:15 p.m.