Massive Nationwide Recalls Impacting Canada’s Auto and Consumer Industries


This past week, the Canadian government issued a series of safety alerts and recalls, affecting various sectors, most notably the automotive and consumer product industry. Issues ranged from electrical fire risks to potential electric shock hazards, underscoring the diversity and urgency of product recalls in the country.

Renowned automakers Hyundai and Kia led the auto recalls, issuing urgent notices pertaining to various vehicle models. Owners are being urged to park away from buildings due to a fire risk that could ignite even when the vehicles are not in operation. The expansive recall encompasses 326,942 affected vehicles in Canada and a staggering 1,642,551 in the U.S.

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Specifically, Hyundai’s recall includes select 2010-15 models of the Accent, Elantra, Tucson, Sante Fe, and other vehicles. For Kia, the brake hydraulic electronic control unit (HECU) of certain SUV models is at risk of a short circuit, raising the chances of combustion when the vehicle is stationary. Kia will reach out to potentially affected owners, advising them to take their vehicle to a dealership for proper assessment and potentially replacing their brake system’s fuses.

Likewise, some Ford vehicle owners may be compelled to revisit their dealerships due to problems with the braking systems. Transport Canada issued a notice that certain front brake hoses in models manufactured between 2013 and 2018 may fail, causing a progressive brake fluid leak. This issue could result in diminished braking ability. However, models with a Hybrid engine and vehicles previously repaired under Ford’s warranty extension program 22NO2 are exempted. Affected owners will be contacted soon and instructed accordingly.

In the RV world, certain Keystone Cougar trailers manufactured between 2017 and 2021 were recalled due to frame rails that could bend or break, potentially increasing collision risk. Owners will be instructed on having their trailers fitted with supportive components like cross braces and an outrigger.

In other product recalls, the government issued a warning on Emporia’s North America Smart Plugs, a device intended for monitoring home appliances’ energy use. However, the smart plugs reportedly lack adequate grounding, posing an electric shock hazard. Despite the gravity of the situation, no incidents or injuries have been reported in Canada as of September 18. But the company urges consumers to cease usage immediately.

Health Canada also noted a recall involving an unlikely suspect- the playful magnetic toy blocks. Health Canada’s sampling and evaluation program identified builder blocks by On Trend Goods, “STAX Insane Magnetic Building Blocks,” as a potential ingestion hazard. The small, powerful magnets contained in these toys could easily be swallowed, and if multiple are ingested, they can attract each other in the intestines, causing life-threatening problems. Similarly, as of September 22, there have been no reported incidents or injuries in Canada. Hence, consumers who procured this toy are advised to return it promptly.