Massive Drug Bust: 27 Arrested, 150 Pounds of Narcotics Seized in ‘Operation Safe Harbor’


Yesterday marked triumphant success in the relentless pursuit of justice, as twenty-seven individuals operating under the alleged guise of a gang were apprehended in Los Angeles as part of an intensive, month-long investigation. The operation resulted in the seizure of approximately 150 pounds of drugs circulating within the city’s criminal underbelly.

Operating a comprehensive state-wide operation, the suspects were infamous for both narcotics and arms trafficking throughout California’s vast expanse, according to authoritative sources.

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The operation, aptly named ‘Operation Safe Harbor’, was brought to fruition through the collaboration of multiple law enforcement agencies. The initiative bore fruitful results, confiscating a considerable arsenal of 30 weapons, including unregistered ghost guns, and a significant quantity of drugs. The tally included more than 72,000 fentanyl pills, 1.7 pounds of its powdered form, 143 pounds of methamphetamine, and a concerning 4.7 pounds of heroin.

In its sprawling reach, the investigation spanned several counties, extending its grip to rope in other individuals suspected of affiliation with the gang, particularly in the Central Valley region of the state.

“Reflecting on this successful operation, ‘Operation Safe Harbor’ communicates a stern message to organized crime syndicates across California, reinforcing the undeniable power of effective law enforcement endeavors” said Attorney General Rob Bonta. “We’ve removed perilous drugs and weapons from our streets today, protecting the citizens of Los Angeles from the persistent menace the group posed.”

However, preserving his professional tact, Bonta refrained from disclosing the name of the nefarious gang, subtly dodging the potential of providing them public recognition or notoriety.

The cases involving the suspects have been referred to the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office. Here, the potential for further prosecution of the suspects lays, marking the beginning of the drawn-out judicial process which follows such extensive criminal activity.