Mass Shootings in Maine: Fatalities Include Beloved Coach and Bar Manager Hero


In an earth-shaking display of violence, the idyllic town of Lewiston, Maine bore witness to two horrifying mass shootings, leading to no less than 18 fatal casualties and 13 injuries. The horrors unfolded across two well-known locals’ haunts – Just-In Time Recreation bowling alley and Schemengees Bar and Grille.

Maine State Police reports disclosed dreadful details of the fatal events. On a Wednesday night, horror struck at Just-In Time Recreation, a popular bowling alley, as an inexplicable act of brutality claimed the lives of six men and one woman. At Schemengees Bar and Grille, an exterior onslaught took down seven individuals, all men, at once, while one of the patrons fell within the establishment. A chilling aftermath followed, as three others eventually succumbed to their injuries in nearby hospitals. Though the authorities have refrained from publicizing the victims’ identities, grieving family members have begun confirming the losses.

Amongst the deceased was the admired retired citizen, Bob Violette. Aged 76, Violette had been a dedicated volunteer coach for a youth bowling league practising at the same alley that night. Mourning his loss, Patrick Poulin, a bereaved parent whose son had been a league member for three years, held on to fond memories of Violette’s irreplaceable contribution.

“A stalwart pillar of our community, Bob tirelessly devoted his golden years to nurture budding talents, expecting nothing in return”, he stated. “He was instrumental in our pursuit of keeping the sport thriving”.

Violette’s daughter validated his unfortunate demise, while Poulin extolled him as an empathetic figure, recalling instances of Violette’s motivating conversations often steering the young players out of their personal struggles, and back on the bowling track.

The long list of losses drew another distinct figure, Michael Deslauriers, who breathed his last at Just-In Time Recreation. His father revealed the chilling fact that his heroic son and a friend lost their lives charging at the attacker after ensuring their families’ safety.

The attack at Schemengees robbed the community of bar manager Joe Walker as well. Walker, interestingly the son of Auburn City Councilor Leroy Walker, was murdered while accosting the shooter with a butcher knife. He was hailed as a valiant fallen hero by his father.

Overwhelmed with gut-wrenching grief, the councilor uncertainly contemplated the looming reality of his son’s death.

“He wasn’t here…not in any hospital, not wandering the streets, and he definitely wasn’t managing Schemengees. I knew, a part of me knew that he was gone,” the grieving father shared, painfully accepting the trajectory of events.


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