Mass Exodus Ensues as Azerbaijan Overthrows Nagorno-Karabakh Amid Rising Ethnic Tension


In a mounting ethnic conflict, the Armenia-Azerbaijani border has become the theatre of tense checks, affecting thousands of lives. This hostility has triggered an exodus of approximately 30,000 Armenians from Nagorno-Karabakh, representing one-fourth of the enclave’s population, following its capture by Azerbaijan last week.

This dramatic escape has set in motion a gridlock of hundreds of automobiles on the singular arterial road to Armenia, the intended haven for escapees. Despite Azerbaijan’s assurances of security to the residents, Armenia’s premier has raised the alarm of potential “ethnic cleansing”.

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For three decades, Nagorno-Karabakh, recognised as Azerbaijani territory, had been governed by Armenian ethnicity. The region, located in the rugged terrains of South Caucasus, had been buttressed by both Armenia and its ally, Russia. This takeover by Azerbaijan’s army claimed at least 200 Armenian lives and dozens of Azerbaijani militiamen. Additionally, the ceasefire deal has forced separatists to put down their arms.

Moving towards Goris across the border is an emotionally charged sight, with families squeezing their lives into their cars, harboring a conviction that they are departing their homes permanently. Within Goris, the maze of narrow streets is a stage for constantly arriving vehicles and families, some in cars held together with tape after being damaged by mortar fire.

The uncertainty is palpable in the town square, where displaced people mill around, while a handful of volunteers distribute essentials: food and blankets. Evacuees are listed, busses sporadically available to whisk them off to the next haven, but few have any semblance of a plan, apart from making it this far.

Although assurances have been made common, many of the displaced insist they cannot feel secure under Azerbaijani rule.

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