Masks Won’t Be A Must In Classrooms This Fall, Quebec Says


The province of Quebec is effecting its immunization passport policy making it mandatory for certain extracurricular activities in schools in the fall, the education minister said Wednesday.

During a press briefing detailing Quebec’s back to school plan, Jean-Francois Roberge, the education minister, also said that no student will be required to wear a mask while entering their schools, common areas or school transportation modes, but won’t be expected to have one on while in class, or outside.

Health officials said they would do all that is possible to ensure school resumes in the fall, while also introducing new restrictions to prevent the spread of the virus now that Quebec is entering the 4th wave.

The plan is being rolled out after many months of deliberation; the education minister stated.

Despite the many assurances regarding the education ministry’s plans, unions have raised concerns in the past few days, saying the government needs a better plan.

The education minister met with teachers and school unions who said that many teachers are juggling a number of anxiety-provoking factors. While they do not mind going back to class, teachers said they are concerned about the indoor air quality.
Roberge said Wednesday they would install CO2 meters going forward.

Additionally, the teachers urged the government to institute mandatory testing for staff members who have not received the vaccine.
Last Tuesday, Quebec detailed its plan for immunization passports for admittance to training facilities, public events, restaurants and bars.


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