Maryland Woman Wins $100k Powerball with Typo Ticket


In the quaint town of Gaithersburg, Maryland a woman discovered that even the seemingly inconsequential choices we make, can have a colossal impact on our lives. A typo conjured up the realization of this fact for her, leading to the fortuitous moment of winning a Powerball lottery, a highly unanticipated outcome. While buying her ticket, she noticed the clerk had mispunched the numbers, but with generosity of spirit, she decided to take the ‘misprinted’ ticket anyway, shoving any budding regret to the back of her mind.

As fortune would have it, her decision to wing it resulted in an unexpected win. The Maryland lottery reported that the ticket which bore the erroneous numbers, thanks to the Power Play, won an astonishing $100,000 in the Powerball draw held on April 10.

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The significance of her lucky day was amplified as another ticket she held, blossomed an additional $50,000 prize, which, also aided by the Power Play feature managed to double itself, matching the winnings of the first ticket. “I scanned my winners about 10 to 12 times because I really couldn’t believe I had won that much money,” she confessed to lottery officials. Her disbelief culminated to a cathartic release as she dropped to her knees, shaking, thanking the heavens for her luck.

In a remarkable twist, the woman revealed that she had actually forgotten about the tickets. They had been purchased at a grocery store and a liquor store and remained overlooked until her daughter reminded her to verify them with the winning numbers several days later. The woman proclaimed, with a giddy exhilaration ringing in her voice, “I guess I am a lucky woman, my mother used to tell me that, it finally feels like it today.”

As for future plans, the woman declared her intention to invest or save her winnings. A modest soul, she has shared the delightful news of her good fortune only with her daughter and mother.

The cycle of luck continues to whirl. Wednesday, April 24, marks the date of the next Powerball drawing featuring an estimated jackpot of $129 million according to the national Powerball site.

As for those aspiring to partake in the Powerball experience, remember, striking the jackpot means matching all five white balls and the final triumphant red Powerball — the odds standing at a daunting 1 in 292,201,338.

But as demonstrated by our fortunate Maryland woman, sometimes luck priors the humble and unexpected. Whether it is an afterthought on a day of errands in a grocery or a liquor store, or of an average Joe accepting an error-riddled Powerball ticket – anyone can be the architect of their own fortune. It’s a gentle real-life reminder we all needed, that even in a routine humdrum, life may have surprises awaiting to astound us.

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Melinda Cochrane is a poet, teacher and fiction author. She is also the editor and publisher of The Inspired Heart, a collection of international writers. Melinda also runs a publishing company, Melinda Cochrane International books for aspiring writers, based out Montreal, Quebec. Her publication credits include: The art of poetic inquiry, (Backalong Books), a novella, Desperate Freedom, (Brian Wrixon Books Canada), and 2 collections of poetry; The Man Who Stole Father’s Boat, (Backalong Books), and She’s an Island Poet, Desperate Freedom was on the bestseller's list for one week, and The Man Who Stole Father’s Boat is one of hope and encouragement for all those living in the social welfare system. She’s been published in online magazines such as, (regular writer for) ‘Life as a Human’, and Shannon Grissom’s magazine.