Maryland Casinos Experience Slight Revenue Decline


In the rolling hills of Maryland’s gaming landscape, the lush revenues of the state’s glittering casinos witnessed a modest ebb in the month of November. The gathered total for gross gaming revenues (GGR) attained a figure slightly north of $157.7 million, marking a 3.5% dip when juxtaposed with the corresponding month of the previous year.

The opulent MGM National Harbor, crowning the market, drew close to $66.4 million from eager players at its assorted array of 2,275 slot machines and 207 table games. Despite its commanding presence, the casino beheld a 7% contraction in their gaming income against the year prior.

Maryland’s repository of six commercial casinos, all staunch in their indoor smoking prohibition, has the Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Agency to thank for the detailed accounting of their revenue intake. Within November’s GGR, $105.2 million was credited to the vibrant chorus of slot machines, and $52.5 million was contributed by the strategic play at the tables. Looming on the horizon is the sports betting revenue report, positioned to make a later debut within the month’s financial discourse.

The bustling Live! Casino & Hotel Maryland emerged as a robust runner-up, fortifying its coffers with $58 million garnered from its vast assembly of 3,850 slots and 179 gaming tables—this signified a gentle uptick of 1.6% from the previous year. Meanwhile, Caesars Entertainment’s Horseshoe Casino Baltimore languished in a far-off third, with its ensemble of games amassing a lean $14.6 million—a notable near 11% shrinkage.

In examining Maryland’s smaller, yet charming, resort-style casinos, we find a mixed bag of fortunes. Ocean Downs in Berlin rejoiced in a 7% upswing with $7 million in winnings, Hollywood Casino Perryville maintained a steady keel with $6.8 million, and Rocky Gap experienced a 6.5% descent to $4.5 million in GGR.

As the year wanes, Maryland’s casino domain reflects on accumulated victories—$1.22 billion from slot machines and $594.7 million from the tables, culminating in a collective bounty of $1.817 billion. A year prior, however, shone brighter at $1.885 billion. This marginal dwindling shadows the roaring success of neighboring states and the nation at large, with streaks of record-breaking revenues.

Dissecting the dichotomy within the state’s fortune, slots have seen a modest rise, yet tables grapple with a substantial 11% downturn, translating to a severe $74 million deficit from the previous year’s table play.

While the definitive cause of the downturn evades precise explanation, Maryland’s soaring sportsbook sector has somewhat cushioned the blow. In the advent of digital betting, online sportsbooks have enlivened the state’s gaming tapestry. Since the dawn of online wagers earlier in the year, they’ve amassed an impressive $99.4 million through to the cusp of November—an optimistic surge though shared with their partnered sportsbook titans.

The fabric of gaming is ever-changing, with fortune’s wheel spinning in unpredictable arcs. Even as traditional casinos navigate through periods of fortune and flux, the digital realm of gaming is propelling the industry toward novel horizons. For aficionados in Canada searching for a pantheon of secure and celebrated online casinos, one does not need to trek far. Right here at the West Island Blog, we have curated an exclusive compendium for this month’s crème de la crème of online casinos. Navigate to [the top online casinos for this month](, and let the virtual cascade of luminous slots and tables be your new playground.

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