Marry Simone Makes History As The First Indigenous To Hold Office Of Governor General


Mary Simon, Inuk leader, will be Canada’s first indigenous governor-general, and the 30th in that capacity, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said. She makes history as the first indigenous person to hold that office.

The Queen okayed the choice, on the recommendation of Prime Minister Trudeau. Currently, she is the designated governor-general, but once inaugurated, will out rank the Prime Minister, as she will be the second-highest-ranking member after Queen Elizabeth II.

Her other achievements include being the first Inuk to serve in the capacity of an ambassador, representing Canada in Denmark and circumpolar.

Now she will serve as the representative of the Queen in Canada.

Although her position will be mostly ceremonial, she is expected to play a significant role in matters of the constitution.

The reaction to her appointment has been mainly positive, with indigenous groups noting they welcome her appointment.

The country has had not governor-general for the last 6 months after Payette quit. A former engineer and astronaut, Payette was a divisive pick right from the first day, but eventually left the post amid claims that she encouraged a noxious work environment.


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