Marriott Auctions Exclusive Bellagio Fountain Show Experience


In a dazzling brew of opulence and interactive adventure, the iconic Bellagio dancing fountains of Las Vegas are dancing to a new rhythm as Marriott International unveils an extraordinary opportunity. Through an innovative auction using hotel loyalty points, Marriott celebrates its fresh licensing partnership with MGM Mirage by offering guests the chance to choreograph a show for this world-renowned aquatic spectacle.

With the elegance of the fountains temporarily disturbed by the unexpected sojourn of a rare bird within its artificial lake, the anticipation for the return of the Bellagio’s harmonious ballet is at an all-time high. Now, enthusiasts with the highest bid of points can curate the soundtrack, orchestrating their chosen melody across the choreographic canvas of a thousand jetting tendrils of water. The apex of this immersive experience will transport the fortunate winner, along with five companions, to the heart of Vegas vitality.

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Participants in this unparalleled spectacle will have the privilege of working alongside the acclaimed WET design team in Los Angeles, masters of aqua-majesty, to weave the dance of the fountains. Following their creative endeavor, they will soar to the Strip to witness their aquatic composition in its live glory. A luxurious two-night sojourn at the SLS Beverly Hills and a sumptuous three-night stay in the elevated comfort of a Bellagio penthouse completes the fairy tale.

With the bid currently marking 702,500 points, around $6,322 in value, stakes are as high as the fountains’ soaring waters.

Beyond the aquatic theatrics, Marriott’s “Bonvoy Moments” auction tantalizes with more Vegas exclusivity. Peek behind the curtains of awe-inspiring Cirque du Soleil shows and swing into unparalleled golfing bliss with VIP treats and a stay at the prestigious Aria Sky Suites. Each experience, a story written in the language of luxury, awaiting its highest point bidder before April 4.

While Marriott professes this to be an inaugural opportunity for public hands to shape the Bellagio’s fountains, history whispers otherwise. Not once, but twice before has WET parted the velvet ropes for affluent patrons. A finer detail perhaps overlooked in the rapture of this liaison between Marriott’s vast 182 million-strong membership and MGM’s significant 40 million devotee base—a partnership whose dawn was overshadowed by last fall’s cyber tumult.

As the lights of the Strip glisten with promise, so too do the digitized rows of the online casino world. With the rise of virtual gaming, enthusiasts no longer need to trek to the Nevada desert to experience the adrenaline rush of casino excitement. In fact, right within the cozy digital confines of Canadian homes, the electric essence of Vegas sparkles with equal fervor.

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