Maritime Fall Colors Inspire Artists Despite Uncertain Environmental Impact


In the Maritimes, a particularly vibrant and captivating pursuit captures the attention of photographers, videographers, and drone pilots alike—the annual extravaganza of the fall colours. The exquisite palette of nature is on full display, particularly in Cape Breton where the intense hues of crimson appear swathed in verdant greens, radiant golds emit a resplendent glow, and vibrant oranges punctuate the vast, chromatic canopy.

One such admirer and chronicler of this seasonal spectacle is Josh Lohnes, a cinematographer and owner of AnchorViewMedia. Lohnes is captivated not simply by the burst of colours but also by their transience. He described the trees in Cape Breton as incredibly resplendent. He elaborates that even though he had previously scaled the mountains to capture the bright autumn hues, he did it again to experience the season from all possible perspectives.

In addition to those on foot, drones too are capturing the seasonal tableau, expertly framed over expansive cranberry fields or forests stippled with fiery leaves. Omar Abdulnaim, an amateur drone operator from Oromocto, New Brunswick, praises the stunning visuals, particularly under sunlight unfiltered by clouds.

Despite this collective admiration for fall’s beauty, there remain queries pertaining to the vibrancy and longevity of the foliage. A local resident, Jill Craig, expressed concern that the colours appeared less vibrant, to which Colin Craig added that the leaves have endured longer than usual.

Offering a scientific perspective, Loïc D’Orangeville, an associate professor of tree biology and silvics at the University of New Brunswick, shared how recent wildfire outbreaks and droughts across Canada could potentially influence fall colours. Despite a summer of mild drought in New Brunswick, he emphasized that it was also one of the wettest, resulting in relatively good, albeit late, foliage.

Thus, for some like Lohnes, this delayed transition of the leaves’ colours has granted them an extended period to document the resplendent beauty of the Maritimes. Returning from a recent trip to Cape Breton, he observed that the colours of the leaves are still just as vivid, continuing to inspire visual artists across the region.


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