Marathon Miracle: Montreal Runners Revived After Collapsing at Finish Line


Tragedy near averted in the thrilling world of distance racing, as two enthusiastic marathoners participating in Sunday’s Montreal half-marathon collapsed from a cardiorespiratory arrest at the race finish line. Quick action, however, from a well-prepared medical team ensured that both runners were efficiently resuscitated.

Following prompt medical intervention, the runners were moved from the clinic to a regional hospital for closer examination and observation. They are currently “doing well”, as reported by a Marathon Beneva de Montréal spokesperson.

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Event executive producer Alex Ratthe praised the clinic for its service during what could have been a disastrous event. He confirmed that despite medical emergencies being a rare occurrence in marathons, they are not entirely absent. He pointed out that around one out of 80,000 runners might expect to experience such a cardiovascular incident.

Sunday’s half-marathon, renowned for its challenging course and high spirits, was more than just a race for many of the participants. It marked the 30th anniversary of the Montreal Marathon. Among the approximately 12,000 participants was the first one crossing the finish line, Kenyan runner Felix Rob, setting a blistering pace with a time of two hours and 23 minutes.

Hot on his heels, local hero Quebecer Simon Leblanc, participating in only his second ever marathon, found strength in the memory of his recently departed grandfather to secure the second position.

Not to be outdone, Monicah Cheruto of Kenya clinched the top position in the Women’s Marathon. Cheruto expressed her love for the city, hinting at a possible return next year.

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