In the Heart Of The Matter at Mansfield Pointe-Claire


The month of February is most often associated with Valentine’s Day, chocolate, love and relationships.  But at Mansfield, we would like to take Valentine’s Day one step further by recognizing the empowerment that comes from allMansfield Gym, Rhonda Massad, West Island Blog, West Island News, News the relationships in our lives including our friendships, our family and our community.   At the heart of all these unions is the strength that comes from pulling together rather than standing alone, and at Mansfield Pointe Claire we strive to be that kind of community.

So, for the month of February our focus is on buddy memberships, buddy workouts and buddy training.  This is a theme that drives the success of the Big Brother and Big Sister Organization on the West Island, so for the month ofFebruary, Mansfield Pointe Claire will contribute $20 from each new membership to the organization.

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Mansfield Pointe Claire recognizes what the Big Brother and Big Sister Organization has known for years.  A buddy can make a difference. It can mean staying in school, having someone there to support you when life gets tough and push you to achieve more than you thought you could.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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