Manitoulin Island Drug Dealer Declared Dangerous Offender for Sex Crimes Against Minors


Russell Timothy Dean Manitowabi-Nebenionquit, a 29-year-old drug dealer from Manitoulin Island, has been officially deemed a dangerous offender subsequent to his conviction on an array of sex crimes involving minors.

Justice Alexander Kurke concurred with the joint statement by the Crown and defence, decreeing Manitowabi-Nebenionquit a considerable threat. Known for preying on young indigenous girls aged between 11 and 16, his predatory behaviour dates back to when he was merely 17.

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Manitowabi-Nebenionquit has exhibited a consistent pattern of exploiting vulnerabilities, often entangling teenage girls into sexual acts in exchange for drugs or alcohol with little restraint over his sexual urges. Out of 16 charges against him, he was found guilty on eight counts in his most recent trial. These involved six different teenage girls with charges ranging from sexual offences and internet luring to procurement of sexual services from underaged individuals and issuing threats.

While charges for sexually assaulting and luring a 13-year-old girl were dismissed due to insufficient evidence, he admitted to making threats, including expressing intentions to burn down her house out of jealousy when she started dating someone else. Manitowabi-Nebenionquit’s disturbing practice of offering drugs for intimate favors to unsuspecting victims has triggered serious concern; he has perpetually justified, denied or minimized his actions and wrongdoing.

Such grave offences led to his sentence of 11.5 years of jail time, followed by a decade under observation. Presentence custody which commenced in September 2020 earned him a 4.5-year credit under the Summers Principle.

Despite completing a sexual offender relapse prevention program and incurring numerous convictions since 2013, Manitowabi-Nebenionquit has frequently reoffended during probation. His high risk of recidivism is corroborated by two forensic psychiatry experts.

In a hearing spread over five days, the Wiikwemkoong community’s profound impact statement was read, expressing their dread of the potential harm that Manitowabi-Nebenionquit could inflict on their children. Consequently, he has been barred from re-entering the community until proven otherwise through Wiikwemkoong’s residency code.

Dr. Treena Wilkie, a forensic psychiatrist, has disclosed that extensive and rigorous in-prison rehabilitation treatment will be quintessential to avert any detrimental risks Manitowabi-Nebenionquit poses to society after his release.

Sensitivity has been accorded to Manitowabi-Nebenionquit’s adversities as an indigenous person with a history steeped in the enduring aftermath of colonization and inherited trauma. Belief in his potential reformative ability is echoed by the Wiikwemkoong community and Justice Kurke, contributed by his productive utilization of the last three years in custody to earn high school diploma and complete multiple self-study courses.

However, in addition to his incarceration and subsequent supervision, he is now prohibited from establishing contact with his victims, possessing weapons, and participating in any activities involving persons under 16. He will also be listed on the sex offender registry and be obliged to provide his DNA for the national database.