Manitoban’s Partner Honored through Scholarship Amid 9/11 Reflections


The 11th of September sharply stands as a poignant day of reflection around the globe, acting as a solemn reminder of the iconic twin towers succumbing to a terrorist attack 22 long years ago.

Among the many who reflect on this day is Ellen Judd, a Manitoban native, who mourns the loss of her partner, Christine Egan. “Her absence is a relentless reality that never fades,” comments Judd, her words choked with an everlasting grief.

Egan found herself in New York on that fateful day, visiting her brother nestled within the arms of the World Trade Centre, a visit that took a horrendously tragic turn as the towers were assaulted. The anniversary, for Judd, morphs into a dual opportunity – a moment to grieve the immense loss and a chance to celebrate Egan’s spirited life. “It opens doors to reappreciate her existence, her passions, and all the things she held dear,” Judd remarks.

A testament to Egan’s values is the establishment of a memorial scholarship in her name. The Dr. Christine Egan Memorial Scholarship is designed as a financial backbone for promising student nurses hailing from Nunavut, a location where Egan dedicated substantial portions of her professional life.

“This scholarship has graced the lives of nearly thirty students so far, with some proving to be recurrent recipients,” says an impassioned Judd. The memory of Egan resonates vibrantly through this initiative, something Judd believes Egan herself would’ve cherished – a glimmer of positivity sparked from an otherwise unspeakable tragedy.


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