Manitoba Union Members to Vote on Strike-Ending Initiative with Enhanced Employment Offer


The Manitoba General Employees Union (MGEU) announced that members employed under Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) are to cast their votes on a new employer initiative on the upcoming Monday. A deciding augmentation, this initiative symbolizes an opportunity to terminate the ongoing strike – a workforce upheaval that has stretched out for almost two tension-filled months since its origination on August 28.

Maintaining complete transparency with its members, MGEU President Kyle Ross publicized his stance reflecting the Union’s consensus. He expressed that he had counseled members throughout the negotiation battle asserting that only proposals bringing substantial improvements to their working condition would be considered seriously. Inspired by this commitment, the bargaining committee has finally decided to bring an enhanced offer from the Corporation to the table for its members to decide its fate.

The crucial voting, set to determine the future course of action, will take place between 12 pm and 6 pm, with the results anticipated to be declared Monday evening. The reformed offer brings promises of potentially favorable changes to the existing employment standards.

New stepping stones of prosperity in the proposal include wage augmentation of an impressive 12.2 per cent across four years, topped with an additional 3.5 per cent wage augmentation for over 60 per cent of the workforce during the contract’s validity. A significant drawing point is the one-time lump sum signing bonus of $1,800 earmarked for all full-time employees, with part-time counterparts being offered a pro-rated version of the said bonus.

In a spirit of hopeful anticipation and goodwill, the MGEU has called for the picket lines across the province to be pulled down, marking a cease in protest until the pivotal voting process concludes.


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