Manitoba Tories Face Backlash Over Landfill Search Controversy in Marketing Strategy


Continued disapproval haunts Manitoba’s Progressive Conservatives due to their controversial marketing strategy that reinforces their decision against searching Prairie Green Landfill for the remains of two First Nations women, Morgan Harris and Marcedes Myran.

A digital advertisement deployed in Winnipeg, proudly supporting the Tories’ stance on the matter, sparked significant controversy. It highlighted the safety concerns associated with the daunting $184-million task of excavating the landfill. A full-page ad in the Winnipeg Free Press mirrored this sentiment, featuring bold claims from the governing Progressive Conservatives highlighting their resolve to abstain from the landfill search.

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The victims’ families, along with a group of supporters, gathered outside Tory headquarters to express their disapproval of the divisive advertisements. Their shouts of “search the landfill” and “bring them home” echoed against the walls of Progressive Conservative Leader Heather Stefanson’s constituency office. The previous day, the office had been the focal point of a vigorous protest resulting in traffic disturbances. Red-painted handprints covered the office windows, a stark visual against the demands for a landfill search left outside.

In an event held on Wednesday, Tory cabinet minister Kevin Klein made a pledge to provide assistance for victims of domestic violence and women’s shelters. In the midst of the escalating controversy, Klein underlined the divisiveness of the topic, echoing Stefanson’s sentiments on the importance of clear Tory transparency regarding their stance on the landfill search.

A wave of disappointment sweeps over Indigenous advocates as they perceive the Tories exploiting the sensitive issue to fuel their political campaign. Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs Grand Chief Cathy Merrick expressed regret over Stefanson’s missed opportunity to use her position as a leader to represent the voices of First Nations women.

The discourse has extended to reinforce the urgent need for transformative action, as embodied by Chief Kyra Wilson’s sentiments about Stefanson’s insensitivity towards grieving families being unacceptable.

Despite falling behind in public opinion polls, one analyst observes the PCs utilizing all available strategies to try to hold onto seats previously considered secure. Controversial Indigenous issues are serving as the rallying call to engage voters with Progressive Conservative inclinations.

In an unexpected turn, the Tories have launched a full-page campaign against the New Democrats titled “Don’t Gamble on the NDP” in the Winnipeg Free Press. The advertisement is a scathing indictment of the NDP, alluding to their lack of governance experience and questionable personal conduct amongst some of its key members.

In response, Wab Kinew dismisses the new Tory ad as a desperate American style of negative politics. Meanwhile, Liberal Leader Dougald Lamont decries it as one of the most despicable campaigns he’s ever witnessed, with the Progressive Conservatives stooping to any level to secure their election.

Both the NDP and Liberals have committed to the landfill search – a striking contrast to the opposing stance taken by the Progressive Conservatives. Regarding the missing victims, it is held that the remains of Myran and Harris were possibly discarded at the Prairie Green Landfill last year. Jeremy Skibicki, facing first-degree murder charges in their deaths, is also implicated in additional killings; those of Rebecca Contois and an as-yet-unidentified woman, known only as Buffalo Woman, with only partial remains discovered.