Manitoba Raises Juror Pay, Expands Eligibility For Jury Service


Manitoba is instituting changes to eligibility for jury service and how much jurors will be compensated.

Begin the 20th of August, jurors will receive an average daily pay of $80 right from day one of trial, a recent press briefing says.

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Previously, jurors could not be compensated until the 11th day of trial, and were compensated $30 each day.

The changes came as a result of a recent amendment to the Court Practice and Administration Act that was passed by the legislature in the spring.

Apart from compensation, the recent amendment also stipulates that those with a disability but can reasonably be accommodated will be allowed to serve as jurors.

This change is expected to make jury service fair, this is according to Rochelle Squires, Family Minister. Squires added that the disabled are key representatives of an important segment of society in Manitoba.

Additionally, individuals with a criminal record involving summary convictions for less serious crimes will be allowed to serve as jurors. But those who have been convicted for very serious crimes are still barred from serving as jurors.