Manitoba NDP and PC Parties Clash on Health, Road Safety, and Liquor Sales Ahead of Elections


As the hustle and bustle of the upcoming elections in Manitoba intensifies, the provincial New Democratic Party (NDP) and Progressive Conservative (PC) parties are ardently offering incentives to woo voters.

Wab Kinew, the NDP leader, has been travelling through northern Manitoba, engaging with communities in Thompson, Pimicikamak Cree Nation and Grand Rapids. His core focus has been addressing pressing concerns in the areas of healthcare and highway safety.

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Kinew assured that the NDP, if elected to power, would bring significant improvements to Manitoba’s northern healthcare infrastructure and road safety measures. Key promises included the reintroduction of birthing services and provision for advanced medical equipment, like an MRI machine at the Thompson Hospital, to enhance diagnostic services for the northern localities.

Moreover, the NDP announced plans to allocate funds to upgrade PR 280, PR 374 and PR 391, aiming to benefit the Tataskweyak, Pimicikamak, and Nisichawayasihk Cree Nations respectively. The party also pledged to enhance the safety conditions of Highway 6 with additional rest stops.

Among other commitments, the NDP proposed to establish a sexual assault nurse examiner strategy aimed at extending care for sexual assault victims across urban, rural, and northern communities. Seven new full-time nurse examiners would be hired to facilitate this strategy, with an allocated budget of $2.4 million.

Meanwhile, Kevin Klein, the PC candidate from Kirkfield Park, has set his sights on an entirely different issue. Advocating for private liquor sales in Manitoba, Klein expressed his belief that residents desired more choice in where they purchased their liquor. He further explained plans to re-introduce legislation blocked by the NDP, which allowed private liquor sales in convenience stores and grocers, while the government would remain the sole wholesaler.

With Election Day on the horizon on October 3rd and advance polls already open across the province, Manitobans are watching with keen interest.

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