Manhunt Intensifies for Escaped Convict and Brutal Murderer, Danelo Souza Cavalcante


In an ongoing high-risk pursuit, authorities are vigorously hunting Danelo Souza Cavalcante, a convict recently escaped from Chester County Prison in Pennsylvania, following his brutal murder of his ex-girlfriend in front of her two young children in 2021. Cavalcante, a native of Brazil, successfully fled the prison located 30 miles west of Philadelphia on the morning of August 31, leading to a widespread search involving hundreds of law enforcement officers.

It is believed that he made his daring escape by climbing onto the prison’s roof and disappearing from there. Cavalcante is a dangerous and desperate individual standing roughly 5 feet tall with black hair and brown eyes, officials have asserted, urging local residents to secure their premises and to stay indoor for their safety.

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Apart from his recent crime, he is also wanted for a 2017 homicide in Brazil, further asserting his dangerous character. A condition of escalating desperation is now gaining momentum with a discounted reward of $10,000 being offered for any information leading to his capture.

The merciless murderer’s ex-girlfriend, Deborah Brandão, was at her residence with her two children when Cavalcante arrived and assaulted her, stabbing her 38 times which led to her untimely demise, bared the Chester County district attorney’s office. Frightened for their lives, her children sought assistance from neighbors as Cavalcante made his escape.

Additional court records reveal that Cavalcante was arrested in Virginia a few hours later, with investigators theorizing a premeditated plan to eventually flee to his hometown in Brazil. Despite these efforts, the rescue team responding to Brandão’s home found her with severe injuries leading to her death shortly after her arrival at the hospital.

Revealing the tragic turn of events, Brandão’s daughter testified in court that she witnessed Cavalcante primed to inflict harm,on them with two knives drawn from his bag. In a horrid turn of events, the girl recounted her mother’s murderer stoning her after she raised an alarm.

Devastated by the murder, Sarah, Brandão’s sister revealed the sharp contrast in Cavalcante’s character which transitioned from a friendly neighbor to a jealousy-driven boyfriend. Troubling signs began to manifest as Brandão often complained about his excessive jealousy and violent tendencies when under the influence. Eventually, she decided to file a protection order against him in December 2020 for his recurrent abuse and threatening behavior.

While acknowledging the senseless tragedy, District Attorney Deb Ryan bemoaned the fate of the young children left motherless, deprived to witness milestones they would have loved to share with their mother. Following the killer’s conviction and sentencing, the news of his escape has left the victim’s sister shaking in fear, in spite of her faith in the authorities to recapture him.

As the manhunt intensifies, local residents are urged to maintain the highest level of vigilance due to the perilous nature of the escapee, following several creditable sightings in the vicinity of the prison, especially in Pocopson Township. He is last known to be carrying a backpack, a “duffel-sling type pack” and a hooded sweatshirt and is believed to be in “escape mode”.

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